70+ Resume Objective Examples: Writing Tips for Various Jobs

You may ask yourself, “Do I need an objective on my resume?” The answer you arrive at is based on your level of experience and the job.

Entry-level applicants or change-of-career candidates use objectives for resumes when they lack experience or skills to write a compelling professional summary.

What is an Objective on a Resume?

An objective states your desire to obtain a certain position at a company. It tells the reader what you seek, but more importantly, it stresses how you will contribute to the desired company.

A resume objective sample will have different wording based on the type of candidate. An entry-level one may stress education, licenses or certifications, and soft skills. In contrast, a more seasoned professional also includes information related to career goals. An entry-level candidate may provide this too – depending on their age and experience. However, they may not know their desired career path yet.

Candidates looking to change fields or careers should have work experience or soft skills that easily transfer across industries. Objectives for experienced applicants will also provide measurable accomplishments where applicable. A more-experienced person may combine an objective with a professional summary to stress intent and qualifications.


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Should I Include an Objective on My Resume?

Qualified candidates usually do not include an objective on a resume. When thinking does a resume need an objective, you base your conclusion on your years of experience and skills.

Do not include an objective to add extra content to your resume, especially if you lack a real reason to write one. If you have experience and skills — and do not want to change fields — use a summary instead.

How to Write an Objective for a Resume

Now that you know the purpose for an objective in resume review what they should include. Resume career objectives should:

  • Match the job title listed in the posting.
  • Be tailored to the company you apply to — include the company name and applicable information to show you conducted your research.
  • Mention at least two or three soft skills to complement experience or training — or to take the place of experience. All candidates should carefully choose these skills based on the wording in the job posting and the industry.
  • Avoid generic statements — these objectives state you need a job or seek employment. They offer no personalization.

Great resume objectives include the above but go beyond. In some cases, the below criteria only apply to experienced applicants. When possible, do the following:

  • State years of experience. Entry-level applicants could reference internships or learned skills instead.
  • Include measurable accomplishments.
  • Incorporate a license or certification when it makes sense.

Resume Objective Statements

Now that you know what objectives include, learn how to translate the requirements into strong resumes objective ideas.

To illustrate what a good objective for resume looks like, you need to know how to avoid writing a bad one.

Take a look at the below — while a recruiter will know the applicant wants to pursue a career in the legal industry, the objective offers little else.

In this case, a bad example looks as follows:

Eager law school graduate looking to work for a top-tier firm.

In this example, assume the applicant has not written anything else – this acts as the submitted objective. Now, examine why the objective does not work. Reasons include:

  • No company name — the objective failed to provide this. The wording could apply to any law firm.
  • Practice area — in this example, assume the interest lies within personal injury law. The firm the candidate applied to specializes in social security disability law — it does not practice anything else. Not only does this objective show a lack of research, but the applicant should not have applied.
  • Adjective use — Eager does not mean the candidate has any needed skills. New lawyers want to land a job at a well-respected firm or company.

To further see why the above objective is weak, take a look at two strong objective statements for resumes based on experience.

Review the positive example for an entry-level candidate:

Seeking an Entry-level Attorney position at [law firm name] to use knowledge about personal injury law, precedent, instinct, critical thinking and problem solving to help clients win or settle cases.

Now, examine the strengths of that objective:

  • Provided the name of the law firm.
  • Showed the applicant knew the firm was a personal injury one.
  • Combined needing to know case law with applicable soft skills.
Resumesbot Advice: If the college or university you attended factors heavily into why you may or may not get the job, consider working the name of the school into your objective. In the case of open positions for top-tier firms, education ranks high among selection criteria.

An experienced attorney objective looks as follows:

Personal Injury Lawyer with 6 years of litigation experience is looking to join a smaller practice, and [firm name] allows for applying legal expertise, research, and negotiation skills. Over 85% of won and settled cases.

In addition to including the company name, field of interest and skills, the experienced candidate provided:

  • Years of experience.
  • Interest in a smaller firm – this demonstrated the desire to continue working in personal injury but provided a resume career objective too.
  • Measurable achievement – a law firm wants to know people have the skills to generate revenue. The candidate stated the percentage of won or settled cases, which also incorporated a professional summary element.
Resumesbot Advice: Any experienced applicant needs to provide something tangible. In an industry where you need to generate revenue – like sales – supply a percentage of increased business or a monetary figure when known.

General Resume Objective Examples

The information listed toward the top of your resume gets reviewed first. If you write a generic resume objective that applies to anything, a recruiter will not take the time to review the rest. Additionally, when submitting a separate resume for each position, if you do not customize your objective, it shows a lack of preparation.

Generic resume objectives look like these:

“Looking to work for [company name].”
“Seeking work as a Server.”
“Seeking a position in a restaurant.”

In the above samples, all the candidates failed to list any skills. Furthermore, none of them included:

  • Restaurant knowledge
  • Soft skills like the ability to work with diverse people, time-management skills or the ability to keep up in a service-driven industry
  • Measurable results or skills related to achieving them

Read on to review more details regarding why recruiters and resume professionals would classify them as general:

  • The first sample never mentioned the position.
  • In the second example, the applicant mentioned wanting to work as a server, but that is too generic. A server could work at a bar and grill, a fine-dining or upscale restaurant, a fast-food one or a fast-casual establishment. These are vastly different positions that cater to different types of guests.
  • The third one only tells the reader the industry.

Even if applicants remain unsure regarding the type of environment they want to work in, in these examples, they should have researched the establishment to learn more.

If you still want to write a general objective, try to include a summary and put enough skills throughout your document.

If you still do not know what direction to take but need to submit your resume because of a deadline, consider the below:

Server with five years of experience seeking position with [restaurant name].

To further improve the generic best objective for resume, revise it to include:

  • Soft skills
  • Information on how you will help the restaurant

Server with five years of experience seeks position at [restaurant name] to contribute to guest satisfaction and upsell products to generate revenue.

The applicant improved the generic objective because upselling increases profits, and it serves as a skill. In that example, the candidate never mentioned a measurable contribution like an increase in sales or percentage of revenue because they did not know the information or how to include it.

Resume Objectives Examples

Now that you see how to write objectives for a specific field, you still need to know how to formulate one if:

  • You do not know what industry you want to work in.
  • You have yet to determine your career path.

In many cases, applicable skills transfer, though some companies only consider people with experience in the mentioned industry. In the below sections, you will learn how to write objectives based on the different stages of life.

Career Change Resume Objective

For change-of-career applicants, make sure skills align with the new industry or field. Let the recruiter know your previous position, and that you have skills, certifications, or qualifications for the new position. Demonstrate why the company should hire you over others with more field experience or industry knowledge.

Many people become teachers later in life, so that makes for a good example. Some cities and states even partner with universities and schools for change-of-career teaching programs. For this example, an IT professional wants to teach technology at a high school. The objective looks like this:

Patient IT programmer completed change-of-career teaching program and passed all certification exams. Looking to contribute to [high school name’s] STEM program as the Technology Teacher.

The example was strong because:

  • The applicant knew the school had a focus on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).
  • The objective mentioned the previous position, which related to STEM.
  • The applicant understood the need to highlight passing all teaching exams.
  • In addition to using an old position that also implied skills, the applicant mentioned the position’s name, along with the name of the school.
  • It started with a soft skill that teachers need.

In another example, the IT programmer wants to teach specific courses. Therefore, the applicant will mention the needed programming skills in the objective. This time, the open position is for an adjunct facility member at a junior college.

A sample objective looks like:

Experienced, calm and helpful IT programmer skilled in Ruby, Python, JavaScript and HTML. Looking to join [college name] as an Adjunct Facility Member in the computer science department.

College Student Resume Objective

A college student will either write an objective based on having experience or not.

In the below example, the enrolled college student seeking a first-time job in the hospitality field:

College student at [university name if prestigious or fits] seeks Guest Services Staff Member position with [hotel name]. Looking to use hospitality management protocols, problem-solving skills, and outgoing personality to contribute to guest satisfaction.

This time, the applicant has experience in the industry, just graduated and attended an Ivy League school well-known in the field. A sample objective looks as follows:

Recent graduate of Cornell University’s School of Hotel Administration; worked at Statler Hotel and trained across all areas of hotel operations. Seeking to work at [hotel name] to contribute to world-class guest satisfaction and to hone skills as the Front Desk Manager In Training.

Resumesbot Tip: Cornell University has one of the best-ranked hospitality programs in the country. It runs The Statler Hotel, where students work, train, and learn skills. The above objective stands out because it mentioned the Ivy League school and well-renowned hotel. The applicant did not mention the degree name because the recruiter will see it directly below in the education section. This sample easily translates to other industries – swap the college name, degree program, and field. Always use the most positive attributes when new to the workforce.

High School Student Resume Objective

Just because someone may not have graduated high school, it does not mean they need to highlight that in the objective. The education section goes directly below it so that the recipient will read that there. Consider only using the word student.

In this scenario, the applicant wants to work at a restaurant but has no job experience. The applicant knows about working their way up and saw an immediate opening for a dishwasher.

The high school objective looks like this:

Bilingual and energetic student looking to start a career in the restaurant industry. The Dishwasher position at [restaurant name] allows for learning how a kitchen runs while effectively using time-management skills.

In addition to mentioning the establishment’s name and position, the objective worked because the applicant:

  • Highlighted soft skills of being bilingual and energetic at the start of the objective. Not only did this make up for the lack of experience, but it used applicable soft skills relevant to the industry. Furthermore, the objective closed with having time-management skills – another needed soft skill.
  • Made it clear about wanting to pursue a career in the restaurant industry.
  • Showed a desire to learn about how a kitchen operates.

Resume Objective Examples for Accounting, Auditing and Finance

Auditor Resume Objective

With the Master’s degree in Professional Accountancy, I have 3 years of working experience and a CISA certificate. I’m highly experienced with data administration in the audit database and analysing internal processing. Hardworking, confident and positive young Auditor. In a week, willing to support the HSBC team throughout the whole audit process in New York City.

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Bank Teller Resume Objective

Being a member of Independent Community Bankers of America (ICBA), I hold a bachelor’s degree in finance and have more than three years of serving experience. As a professional Bank Teller and just a good listener, I always exactly know all customer needs. With practice in transaction performing and excellent client service, I should be a suitable candidate for Apple Federal Credit Union. 

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Data Entry Resume Objective

Working 4+ years as a Data Entry Clerk, am ready to join the Fusion Technical Solutions (LA) graduate admission team. Besides working experience, I have microcomputer use, and clerical organization international certificates. For the last 2 years, I have trained 90+ newly hired data entry employees for deployment in the company’s departments in 3 states. My strongest side is the high level of concentration and ability to manage large volumes of data.

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Administration, Clerical and Office Support Resume Objective Examples

Administrative Assistant Resume Objective

Highly-organized Administrative assistant with CAP certificate and college diploma. With my first-year experience, I got professional on-the-job training courses, during which I showed up a great organization, planning, and critical thinking skills. Also, I’m fluent in Spanish. Right now, I want to become a part of the Barboza & Associates team to provide administrative and support services. 

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Executive Assistant Resume Objective

I’m a bilingual (English and Spanish) Executive assistant, holding ACEA British professional certificate. My problem-solving and robust decision-making skills helped me to start a great career in the administrative industry. For the last two years, I was working in England and now ready to enter the Career Group company in San Francisco to perfectly provide all daily administrative support responsibilities. 

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Office Manager Resume Objective

A second-year student of the Berkeley Haas and former Office manager at Pacific Placement Group, LLC. This summer, I want to join Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati staff for a part-time job position to manage an office of 45 employees. With 1-year work experience, I have excellent communication, negotiation, and relationship-building skills.

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Receptionist Resume Objective

Holding a Business college diploma, I have about two years of experience in administration. Last year I was working as a Receptionist in the USA Family Medicine Centre. Provided high-quality customer care and was able to handle several tasks simultaneously. Now, I have a goal to join Unity Psychiatric Care in the nearest month. 

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Secretary Resume Objective

I’m a professional Secretary with more than four years of experience. Working in different industries, I improved my researching, interpersonal, and time management skills. Three months in a row I won “The best employee of the month” and was increased in salary. In 3 weeks, I am going to relocate in order to get a new job at Pacific Office Automation. 

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Aerospace and Automotive Resume Objective Examples

Flight Attendant Resume Objective

Last year I finally got the Federal Aviation Administration Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency. During training and first two years of flying experience, I perfectly coped with all requirement tasks: first aid, safety, emergency preparedness, flight procedures, and many others. Ready to show my interpersonal, solve-problems skills and become a full-time Flight attendant at American Airlines. 

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Flight Attendant Resume Objective No Experience

Holding a Psychology Bachelor, I have strong critical thinking and research skills. During two years of psychology working experience, I learned to get along with any king of people and deal with unusual behaviour situations. With excellent physical condition and right height n weight parameters, I’m going to complete the screening process and get my first Flight Attendant job at Jet Aviation.  

Agricultural, Farming and Environment Resume Objective Examples

Heavy Equipment Operator Resume Objective

I went through specialized training programs administered by the International Union of Operating Engineers. During the professional apprenticeship, I got more than 3 years of operating practice, learned how to manage heavy equipment, and have worked on a “Recommendations for improving environmental performance” thesis. Now, I am willing to become United Grading & Excavating full-time Heavy equipment operator. Hardworking, responsible and loyal specialist.

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Building and Construction Resume Objective Examples

Construction Resume Objective

Continuing my studying at the architect faculty, I already received a professional “How a Building is Designed and Built” certificate. Proud to be a Construction with congenital hand-eye coordination and dexterity skills. I think two years of professional working experience should be enough to join Blackmon Mooring & BMS CAT.

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Pipefitter Resume Objective

I have a technical school diploma and more than 4+ years of experience as a full-time Pipefitter. Decent knowledge in working with fluid and pneumatic systems, and different equipment like hose, pipe, copper, and others. Strong organization and detail-oriented skills. Desirous of the position of Pipefitter Journeyman at Tradesmen International. 

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Business and Management Resume Objective Examples

Account Executive Resume Objective

A highly energetic and committed professional Account executive with three years of working experience and a Master’s degree. Considering the option of cooperation with Philip Morris International in the nearest time. I want to utilize my educational qualification, analytical skills, and bookkeeping for our mutual success. 

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Business Development Resume Objective

Enthusiastic and self-motivated Business Development Specialist with Masters at The University of Manchester, 3 years of finance experience in Europe and the USA, and a two-month internship at Microsoft. I have superior knowledge of financial modelling and solid analytical skills. Looking for the opportunity to join Treeline, Inc. within the next month. 

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Community and Human Service Resume Objective Examples

HR Resume Objective

Human Resource Manager, with two years of professional experience, is ready to join Career Options Recruiting Solutions company and start working on several complex talent programs. Have perfect communication and collaboration skills. I’m highly experienced in employee relationships, project administration, HR policy-making, and staffing.

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HR Generalist Resume Objective

I’m available to occupy a responsible position of Human Resource Generalist at XPO Logistics, Inc. Sharing my 3 years of working practice in sourcing and end-to-end recruitment, the passion for working across multiple stakeholders, and supporting all recruiting team members. Besides leadership and clerical skills, I have a valid driver’s license and ability to travel across the country.

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Creative, Media and Arts Resume Objective Examples

Musician Resume Objective

Innovative and result-driven Musician with remarkable experience in composing new soundtracks for advertising and short films. Currently working with several music styles: minimalism, experimental, and microtonal. Looking forward to entering a great team of creators at CBS Television Studios. Am a great team player with an aptitude to multi-task.

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Graphic Designer Resume Objective

Currently getting a Master’s degree at The School of Visual Arts in NY City. I have more than 2 years of work experience as a Freelance Graphic Designer and 1 year as the staff worker. I have strong skills in Adobe Illustrator and Autodesk 3d Mask, have an extensive portfolio, and several own design projects. I’m passionate, creative and 100% deadline delivery responsible. Would be happy to join Hamodia Newspaper to create compelling designs for layout, print, and digital media. 

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Journalist Resume Objective

A self-motivated Magazine Journalist with four years of experience working as a regular contributor for local and overseas magazines like Dazed, Vice, LOST, The Calvert Journal, and many others. Areas of expertise cover creating and proof-reading articles to provide the best quality before publishing. Now I’m free and ready to contribute with Financial Times. Want to share my expert communication and investigative skills to produce the best online content for readers.

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Musician Resume Objective

Innovative and result-driven Musician with remarkable experience in composing new soundtracks for advertising and short films. Currently working with several music styles: minimalism, experimental, and microtonal. Looking forward to entering a great team of creators at CBS Television Studios. Am a great team player with an aptitude to multi-task.

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Creative, Media and Arts Resume Objectives

Customer Service Resume Objective

1+ years experienced Customer Service Specialist, considering an entry-level position at Volt Workforce Solutions. I’m able to take a high volume of valuable customer information data entry, handle incoming calls, and solve any possible client’s problems. Flexible to work in any office environment.

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Sales Consultant Resume Objective

Highly capable Sales Consultant with 2 successful years of experience in sales. I’m passionate about networking, relationship development, and people management. Possess superior communication skills, sales qualities, and CPSP certification. I am desirous of using the best sales consultant systems for A&B Business Solutions.

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Cashier Resume Objective

Desirous a Cashier job position at Walmart Canada, LA. I have a high school diploma and 2 years experienced in various big companies like Whole Foods Market and Fleet Farm. Twice was an employee of the month, and last year got the local award as the best cashier of the year. I have excellent interpersonal skills such as verbal communication, customer service, and sales abilities. 

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Call Center Manager Resume Objective

Call Center Manager with more than 4 years of professional working experience and proven achievements in account administration and customer retention. Ready to inspire and motivate a medium-sized client service team at Proactive Dealer Solutions. Problem-solving with exceptional interpersonal is my best knack. 

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Education and Instruction Resume Objectives

Teacher Resume Objective

Creative and Dynamic Teacher with a Master’s degree in English philology and completed “Adolescent Teaching: English 7–12 & Students with Disabilities” professional courses. With 4+ years of teaching experience, I demonstrated proficiency in pedagogy, student development, and learning theory. Desirous of continuing my successful career in Xceed Preparatory Academy.

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Substitute Teacher Resume Objective

Recently graduate, highly motivated Substitute Teacher ready to become a part of the great teaching team at Kokua Education center. I’m incredibly passionate about empowering youth and have extraordinary organizational, interpersonal, and customer service skills. Having 1+ years of classroom teaching and a 6-month education experience internship at the Child Educational Center in LA. 

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Child Сare Resume Objective

Professional Childcare Specialist with three years of working experience in a fast-paced Childcare department. Own the Child Development Associate certification and Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Care. Ready to apply my well-developed instructional, interpersonal, and patience skills in The Sunshine House Early Learning Academy right away. 

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Math Tutor Resume Objective

Highly energetic and enthusiastic Math tutor with a solid academic background and practical experience in innovative education techniques. I have a 3-year Applied Mathematics Bachelor’s degree and several local teaching certificates. Right now, ready to provide top quality knowledge to train all age’s students at Newport Academy. I’m genuinely passionate about helping learners attain their highest potential.

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Engineering, Science and Technology Resume Objectives

Engineering Resume Objective

BSc in Biomedical Engineering from Colorado State University with three years of on-the-job training experience at GE Healthcare clinic. Creative and technical skills to turn designs into products and proper attention to detail abilities helped me to start a successful career in this industry. Looking forward to become a staff Biomedical Engineer at WellStar Health System company. 

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Computer Science Resume Objective

Looking for a challenging Computer Scientist role in a well-known Adobe organization. 2+ years of practice in several successful start-up developments. My problem-solving and fast learning skills made me a competitive candidate. I hold a Computer Science bachelor at Washington and Jefferson College and explored 2-month Microsoft Internship. 

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Chemist Resume Objective

A resourceful graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a proven track record in performing organic chemistry synthesis in a manufacturing environment. With two years of team working experience, I became a self-confident professional Chemist and developed time management skills with the ability to work independently as required. I have a big desire to complement the science experts club at Westlake Chemical and become a valuable employee. 

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Data Analyst Resume Objective

Detail-oriented Data analyst with proven 3+ expertise in the financial industry and SQL knowledge. Last year finished the Western New England University with a Bachelor’s degree and got the MCSE certificate. Ready to take a Junior level role at US Tech Solutions within the next two weeks. I’m flexible, communicative, mathematical ability young professional.

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Mechanical Engineer Resume Objective

Master in Mechanical Engineering with three years of licensed experience. As a well-educated Mechanical Engineer, I have sufficient technical and problem-solving skills and can work under pressure. Willing to start working at a Derq -reputed automobile start-up. Ready to improve extensive understanding of HVAC engineering fundamentals and prepared to provide coaching junior engineering staff.

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Fashion, Beauty and Sports Resume Objectives

Hair Stylist Resume Objective

Confident and energetic Hair stylist with a valid cosmetology license would like to take a fresh start at Wright Styles studio. With three years of practice, my work portfolio got over 100 unique hairstyles and haircuts. I’m the one who wants to showcase all my creative skills, talents and creative ideas.

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Cosmetologist Resume Objective

An experienced and focused Cosmetologist with relevant expertise in consultations and services to varied patients. Holding cosmetologist license, I have 2+ years of experience in supporting clients with various complex hair and skin problems. Excellent data entry and administration skills. Willing to work in a reputed clinical environment at Caesars Entertainment Corporation. 

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Esthetician Resume Objective

Motivated Esthetician, who enjoys working one on one and build lasting relationships with customers. Two years ago, I passed a State Esthetics License Examination and started to provide hands-on cosmetics consultations and complex facial and body treatments. Hard-working and easy communicative professional. Right now, I want to start a new job in an eco-friendly environment at WTS International, Inc.

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Makeup Artist Resume Objective

I’m a highly passioned Makeup artist who enjoys creating special stylish makeup techniques for each unique client. Holing QC Makeup Academy certification and half of a year internship in a local salon, I’m ready to try myself as a full-time beauty creator at The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. Motivated to provide the highest quality of customer assistance. 

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Personal Trainer Resume Objective

I am a professional athlete with ten years in sports, bodybuilder, and winner of the 2016 Bodybuilding Awards in Baltimore. Hold a Corrective Exercise Specialist certificate. I have been working as a freelance Personal Trainer for the past two years and have provided the best workout plan and diet services. Рardworking and goal-oriented sports expert with 100% achieved the desired sports results clients. Willing to become a full-time trainer and join The Recovery Project in Michigan.

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Food Service and Hospitality Resume Objectives

Restaurant Manager Resume Objective

Dedicated Restaurant Manager with over 4 years of experience in leading housekeeping, food service, and front desk departments. I have managed more than 35 workers at a reputed local restaurant. Own a strong desire to show my organization and team-leading skills with a more challenging role in a rewarding environment. Want to become a Restaurant Manager at Chamberlains Fish Market Grill. 

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Bartender Resume Objective

Qualified bartender finished International Bartender Course at European Bartender School in NY. The last three years was working in local bars and now ready to level up and get super work in The Madison Square Garden Company. I’m a reliable team player with tact and diplomacy for dealing under challenging situations. Committed to giving an international standard of customer services.

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Waitress Resume Objective

2+ years of working experience performing routine duties of servicing banquets, greeting and making all guests feel welcome. Hold a Certified Restaurant Server document, excellent verbal communication skills, and the ability to thrive in a fast-paced environment. Fluent in Spanish. Looking forward to showing my professionalism at the new Spanish Flower Mexican Rest.

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Government Resume Objectives

Law Enforcement Resume Objective

Keep Law Enforcement and Public Safety Master’s degree and four years of a successful career in a criminology department. Possess an aptitude for math, statistics, keen observation, and computer science. Provide high-quality analysis and report writing. I want to continue my highly analytical career at the University of Missouri-Saint Louis taking an Assistant Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice job position.

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Police Officer Resume Objective

Focused, committed, and confident Police Officer ready to continue a fabulous career as part of America’s Federal Civilian Service. Bachelor’s degree in Cybercrime Studies, valid U.S. driver’s license, and one year of training practice at the local police department. Showed up great results in building trust, critical thinking, and observation. 

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Information Technology (IT) Resume Objective

IT Director Resume Objective

Hold B.Tech in Business & Computer Science from the University of Mary Washington. Have strong management knowledge for the growth of the organization and excellent technical education background. Thanks to my diploma and four years of experience, I can easily cope with directing the overall progress and staff of the whole IT department. Ready to take the role of IT Director in a mouth at Eldorado Resorts, Inc.

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Insurance and Real Estate Resume Objectives

Property Manager Resume Objective

An organized and inspired Property Manager player. For the last five years, I was preparing outstanding sales and clients’ related reports daily for senior management. A significant contribution to the company increases over the previous two years by growing revenue to 15% per year. Technical property know-how, think like investors and marketing skills. Want to become a valuable solo-player at Rochester Management Inc. 

Check out Property Manager Resume Example

Leasing Consultant Resume Objective

Have +3 of working experience with a reputed real estate firm, looking after the customer base of over 150 buyers. Deals in the leasing of industrial and residential properties and developed a personal customer retention tact. As for the professional leasing consultant, my most active skills are time management, sales orientated, and of course, strong communication. I strive for career growth and expect to get a position in the Preservation Partners company.

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Law, Military, Security and Emergency Services Resume Objectives

Firefighter Resume Objective

Fit n healthy Fire Fighter II with 3 years of professional experience. Participated in fire prevention plans and inspections, team education, station and equipment maintenance, and practice activities. Hold MFFTC certification and comply with all NFPA 1582 and OSHA standards. I’m a confident, resilient and calm individual with well-trained team building and orientation skills. Ready to complement the firefighters’ team in the Indianapolis International Airport.

Check out Firefighter Resume Example

Security Officer Resume Objective

An authority Security officer with proven 2+ experience in a patrolling area, inspecting premises and contributing to emergency authorities and police. Having an active level 3 commissioned license, well physical fitness, and the talent to be calm regardless of the situation. Desirous of a top-level position at Nob Hill Security, San Francisco. 

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Legal Resume Objectives

Paralegal Resume Objective

Legal Studies master’s degree holder. As a recent graduate, I have only one year of practice at a law studio with a local student placement program. During the internship, I showed excellent results in researching, thinking ahead, and organizational talents. Interested in associating with a major law firm committed to supporting the aggrieved party by giving optimum utilization of professional experience and academic knowledge. Would be happy to become a full-time Paralegal employee at AppleOne Employment Services. 

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Life Situation Resume Objectives

Maintenance, Repair and Janitorial Resume Objectives

Maintenance Worker Resume Objective

Thorough Maintenance Technician with 1+ years of working practice. Have strong knowledge to handle regular plumbing, electrical installation, and carpentry type tasks. Experienced in electronics troubleshooting and three-phase electrical systems. Ready to provide my operation and control skills for the Inova Health System company. 

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Housekeeping Resume Objective

One year of experience in housekeeping management, well-trained team leader for the Housekeeping Department, which includes Laundry Attendants, Room Attendants, House person, and Inspectors. Maintained productivity and labour cost goals for all my department workers. A well organized, reliable, and hardworking individual with a clear career goal to become a full-time housekeeping manager at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

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Manufacturing, Warehouse and Production Resume Objectives

Warehouse Manager Resume Objective

Warehouse & Transportation Manager with 4+ years of warehousing and logistics experience. Managed team of 30-40+ purchasing, warehouse, and logistics personnel. I’m highly organized and have perfect communication and leadership talents. Want to be responsible for utilizing lean manufacturing systems to improve and maintain warehousing and shipping operational efficiency at Next Phase Enterprises.

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Marketing, Advertising and Sales Resume Objectives

Marketing Manager Resume Objective

Highly motivated specialist with 2+ years of proven track record in implementing flourishing marketing tactics, increasing organic traffic, and developing search rankings at the Marketing Manager position. I’m a creative thinker, grammar Nazi, and social media enthusiast who want to be a part of The Woolmark Company and start work immediately.

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Medicine, Healthcare and Wellbeing Resume Objectives

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Resume Objective

Highly capable and value-driven Nursing Assistant with CPR and CNA certifications received in the State of California. I have 2 years of experience in the CNA role in a Long-Term Care setting, strong technical and interpersonal skills. Ready to help residents with activities of daily living and hygienics as a staff worker at Life Care Centers of America.

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Dental Assistant Resume Objective

Last year student of Chemistry – Pre-Dental program at Barry University. Have one year of experience professional internship at Dental Care Alliance. Having a Dental Assistant role, I was responsible for dental care delivery by providing a therapy room, patient, devices, and materials. Basic medical knowledge, emergencies, workplace organization, and the full support of the doctor are my most persuasive skills. Ready to demonstrate understanding of dental terminology, instruments, and equipment at NITELINES USA INC within several weeks.

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Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Resume Objective

Wish to supply medical services and the paper mill at OHS Training & Consulting company. Passed all the required exams and training to get Emergency Medical Technician certification. Now, I’m able to provide out of transportation and hospital emergency medical care for different level complexity critical patients. With 1 year of EMT professional practice, I developed all necessary skills like team collaboration, attention to detail, patient, critical thinking, and so on. 

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Medical Assistant (MA) Resume Objective

BLS Certification and completed the MA program. Having one year of experience as a Medical Assistant in the state rehabilitation clinic. A dedicated team member, ready to operate in both night and morning shifts. Considerable knowledge of safety, sanitation, and customer assistance skills. Able to work hard at the Center For Laser Surgery.

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Nursing Resume Objective

Hold a “Care Coordination” certificate of School of Nursing and Health Sciences, BCLS, and won the RCNi Nurse Awards during my first internship in England. In total, I have about 2 years of medical support and patient monitoring. Excellent data entry and cultural awareness skills. Ready to start my first full-time Nurse job at Home Health Professionals & Hospice.

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Pharmacist Resume Objective

Skilled and focused Pharmacist with relevant two years’ experience in providing oversight and management of ASPN Pharmacies. Expert at LLC’s pharmacy practice model for several programs and clinical service solutions. Holding Bachelor at the “Biochemistry – Pharmacy” program from Colorado State University. I have excellent integrity, advocacy, and interpersonal skills. Free to start working at Lehigh Valley Health Network already in the next month. 

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Pharmacy Technician Resume Objective

Proactive Pharmacy Technician professional with more than 4 years of experience in preparing unit dose medications, sterile IV admixtures, compounds, and TPN solutions. Hold MSP certification and Pharmacy Tech License. Children’s Health company is an ideal place for my professional and individual skills like: accurate data entry, proactive and flexible to meet varied patient needs, dedication to excellence and quality.

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Phlebotomist Resume Objective

3+ years of experience in high complexity medical lab, worked on specimen collection, and computer data entry. Am a professional phlebotomist with BLS certification received at American Heart Association. Mostly I was responsible for collecting blood examples from patients, verifying reports, and providing specimens for lab analysis. Ready to take night shifts at Catholic Health Initiatives. I own excellent motor skills and attention to detail.

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Transportation, Logistics and Supply Chain Resume Objectives

Logistics Manager Resume Objective

Active Logistic manager with innovative ideas and qualified knowledge of logistics management practices and methods. I feel confident about my interpersonal, logical reasoning, and problem-solving skills. Want to apply my four years of professional experience and start working with a new shape of logistics for me: business on export. Tropical Foods LLC company is the best place for my career ambitions and qualifications. 

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Supply Chain Manager Resume Objective

Task-oriented Supply Chain Manager with both developed technical and leadership skills. 2+ working years gave me the necessary experience and a clear understanding of e-procurement systems, general business ethics, cross-cultural, and global issues. Ready to become a team player at Orchid Orthopaedic Solutions. Entirely comfortable working in a fast-paced automotive environment.

Truck Driver Resume Objective

Professional and hard-working Truck Driver with about 5 years of driving experience and CDL Class A certification. Solid knowledge of driving laws, the ability to follow directions, keep records, and billing audits. Free to start working immediately and show up my best responsibility and navigation skills at Mr. Bult’s, Inc.

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Other Resume Objectives

Internship Resume Objective

Goal-oriented individual with a passion for reporting and writing. This year I finished a professional New York Film Academy year course at Broadcast Journalism program. Almost no working experience but with a great passion for this industry hope to become a Broadcast Intern at Spurs Sports & Entertainment. During the internship, I do want to show and improve my knowledge of media production and excellent verbal communication skills. 

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Social Worker Resume Objective

I’m a second-year student at the University of Wisconsin La Crosse, Sociology of Education faculty. I have a one-year volunteering experience at Big Brothers Big Sisters and American Red Cross organizations. Now, I’m free to take the role of full-time Social Worker and assist with inpatient discharge planning and outpatient community resource referrals at the NIH Clinical Center (CC). Emotional intelligence, tolerance, and critical thinking are my best developed skills. 

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Supervisor Resume Objective

Holding a master’s degree in Business Economics, high-level expertise in accounting, organizational, and time management skills. During my two years of experience, I was responsible for interviewing, hiring, training employees, appraising performance, and disciplining. I have a serious intention to take a Supervisor position at the American Arbitration Association. Ready to provide exceptional abilities to interact and work with individuals at all levels internally and externally.

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Make Objectives Work for You

Everyone can write a concise but compelling objective. Even if you lack experience or want to change fields, always remember you have many ways to write your objective. Prioritize based on the job posting and choose skills that best relate.

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