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Bruce Kopp

Mobile: +1 818-419-5870

3350 Fairfax Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90017

Dear Melany,

I’m a professional actor, a dancer and a public speaker with excellent communication skills and a strong motivation to succeed. I am dedicated to helping people and giving my all on and off the stage and in the office.

When I was studying at school I loved to sing and play a little bit of piano. My friends would say I’m a lot of fun but when it came to getting work done, I’m focused on the task at hand.

I have been in multiple short films when I was studying at the University. Some for fun and others for university or film festivals. My coursework was multimedia composition/publications and video production/editing.

Currently, I’m a multi-talented actor with experience in a variety of film and television shows. I have excellent creative ability and able to take precise direction.  I have experience serving as an assistant in the advertising industry for 10 years. My background also includes appearances in over 25 nationally televised commercials. A serving member of SAG/AFTRA and IFP – NYC.

My television career includes the next roles:

  • Homeland Guest star Showtime
  • The Good Wife Guest star CBS
  • NCIS Guest star CBS
  • NCIS: LA Guest star CBS
  • Castle Guest star ABC
  • General Hospital Recurring role ABC

As we discussed earlier, my extensive professional experience can benefit virtually any employer. However, New Avalon Film Production is of special interest to me because I would like to get a role in your new musical. This would allow me to combine my acting talent with the musical capacity.

Thank you for your time.

Bruce Kopp

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