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Aircraft Mechanic Resume Sample

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Aircraft Mechanic Resume Template (Text Format)


High-skilled and motivated professional with over 5 years of experience in diagnosing, repairing and overhauling aircraft engines and systems. 100% of aircraft I worked with met their scheduled flight times due to maintenance actions



Bachelor of Aviation Technology

  • Graduated with Honors, Cum Laude
  • Vice President of the Technical Club


  • Complex problem solving
  • Coordination
  • Judgment and decision making
  • Time management
  • Social perceptiveness
  • Operation and control
  • Quality control analysis



Vartan Aviation Group, 2016-2019

  • Repaired body and structure of aircraft according to specifications
  • Removed and reinstalled repaired and replacement parts for subsequent riveting or fastening, using clamps, wrenches and other common tools
  • Cleaned, stripped, primed, and sanded structural surfaces and materials prior to bonding
  • Repaired defective sections or parts, using metal fabricating machines, saws, brakes, shears, drills and grinders


Academy of Aviation, 2014-2016

  • Applied required expertise in restoring equipment condition and or operation
  • Applied comprehensive technical expertise to solve moderate to complex problems by interpreting technical documentation such as blueprints or manufacturers’ manuals


Average Salary for Aircraft Mechanic Job

Aircraft Mechanic
National Average

Base Salary
$31k – $90k
Bonus$582 – $5k
Profit Sharing$0 – $5k
Total Pay
$36k – $83k

***Data are taken from


7 Tips for Writing an Effective Aircraft Mechanic Resume

Did you know why the aircraft mechanic is a good career? The airline industry can offer quality aircraft mechanic jobs for years to come and being paid like a professional. Aircraft mechanics can take the general skills or becoming a specialized mechanic, earning higher qualifications in order to focus on the engine, hydraulic or electrical systems on a given aircraft.

You can work for:

  • An airline, either on commercial or cargo planes.
  • The aerospace or aviation manufacturing industry.
  • The military or a government-based facility.
  • Recreational airport facilities.
  • Private individuals (aircraft/helicopter owners).

Here are some tips to help you write an Aircraft Mechanic Resume:

  1. What Aircraft Mechanic Job Description Should Include?
  2. Aircraft Mechanic Duties And Responsibilities For Resume.
  3. Airplane Mechanic Education Requirements.
  4. Good Skills to Include on an Aircraft Mechanic Resume.
  5. Special Requirements for the Aircraft Mechanic Job Position.
  6. License and Certificates You Can Include in your Resume.
  7. Resume Action Words for Aircraft Mechanic.

1. What Aircraft Mechanic Job Description Should Include?

Examples of Aircraft Mechanic Job Description:

“Performs organizational and intermediate level maintenance on King Air 200/350/1900 and/or C-12 aircraft. It is responsible for servicing, troubleshooting, repairing and modifying aircraft systems to ensure continued airworthiness. These tasks are performed on avionics & electrical systems, engines, flight controls and airframe components. Repairs are performed using hand tools, power tools, machines, and equipment such as shears, sheet metal brake, welding equipment, rivet gun, and drills. Reads and interprets manufacturers’ maintenance manuals, service bulletins, and other specifications to determine feasibility and method of repairing or replacing malfunctioning or damaged components.”

“Determines methods and sequence of operations on prototype or production products such as aircraft, prior to, during or subsequent to flight. Where required information is not complete, operational sequences change or vary considerably, and tooling is inadequate or not available; disassembles and rebuilds prototype products prior to or subsequent to engineering flight tests, to effect design or modification changes in structures and functional systems for flight test purposes. Mocks up, makes initial layouts, fabricates, assembles and installs new structures, components and systems as required.”

2. Aircraft Mechanic Duties And Responsibilities For Resume

Typical duties of aircraft mechanic include the following, although specific duties vary by assignment or contract:

  • Manages general servicing, repairs, and overhauls of aircraft ejection seat and environmental systems to ensure that aircraft life support systems are in good mechanical condition and safe for flight.
  • Performs as an integrated egress systems mechanic, obtain CDI within first year, providing support in maintaining the aircraft life support systems and overall mechanical condition of the F-35, ensures Good Housekeeping and Safety practices are enforced.
  • Responsible for customer training via On-The-Job Training and complete work assignments in accordance with joint technical guidance.
  • May perform periodic inspections and general overhaul and repairs or modifications requiring replacement and assembly of parts.
  • Provides technical assistance as required. Creates and assigns work-orders in the Autonomic Logistics Information System, Requisitions parts using the Autonomic Logistics Information System.
  • Performs Safety of Flight Completed Maintenance Inspections and in Progress Inspections.

  • An aircraft mechanic is responsible for the daily aircraft’s maintenance, avionic and thus for its security, deliver the certificate of release to service:

    • Response for performing proper maintenance tasks on various levels of aircraft checks (A-C) including servicing, repairing and troubleshooting hydraulic, oil, fuel and pneumatic systems in aircraft and aircraft systems.
    • Rigging flight controls and engine controls.
    • Confirm operational and leak check for hydraulic, fuel, oil, and pneumatic systems.
    • Marshal aircraft from ramp to hangar.
    • Perform tasks in a timely manner and maintaining communication with a supervisor when extra attention is needed to complete a task.
    • Maintain all work cards and task documents accurately and safely in adherence to aircraft GMMs and ADs.
    • Maintaining safety standards with lockout tag-out procedures, de-activation of controlled systems, and pre-operational walk around inspections.
    • Ensure workplace and hangar are free of hazardous material and debris before and after work shifts while generally maintaining the workplace to acceptable standards.

    3. Aircraft Mechanic Education Requirements

    Aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs) are responsible for performing repairs, preventative and routine maintenance on all types of aircraft and helicopters. FAA certified aircraft mechanics (also called Airframe & Powerplant mechanics, or A&P mechanics) are in high demand. The military, airlines, government, and many other companies are hiring aircraft mechanics.

    There are three basic routes you can take for AMT training:

    • Attend and graduate from one of the FAA-approved AMT training schools.
    • You can participate in the on-the-job training program, where you complete 18 months of training for either the Airframe or Powerplant Certificate.
    • Many AMTs originate from the military

    An aircraft maintenance program may include:

    • Aviation basics
    • Ground handling
    • Sheet metal
    • Structures
    • Inspection
    • Landing gear

    4. Good Skills to Include on an Aircraft Mechanic Resume

    • Following manufacturing blueprints and diagrams
    • Following written repair work orders
    • Observing and diagnosing mechanical problems
    • Operating computerized diagnostic equipment in mechanics
    • Repairing electrical/electronic objects
    • Repairing mechanical objects
    • Using electrical/electronic testing instruments
    • Using mechanics hand and power tools

    Sample of Aircraft Mechanic Skills for Resume:

    • Currently at Yulista Aviation performing duties as a Quality Assurance Inspector III, totaling over 15 years of Quality experience.
    • Currently, have an interim Secret security clearance and a DOD Common Access Card (CAC).
    • Recently was an Aircraft Quality Inspector at Science and Engineering Services (SES) on H-60/ S-70 Blackhawk aircraft.
    • Proficient Quality Inspector/ aircraft maintenance technician with over 28 years of experience in both civilian and military environments, working on Sikorsky S-70 (H60A/L/M Blackhawk) 28yrs, Bell (H58 Kiowa) 3yrs, Bell (AH1 Cobra) 1yr, LUH-72 (EC145) 3yrs, Short 330 (C23 Sherpa) 2yrs and Boeing 787 Dreamliner 1yr aircraft.
    • Extensive experience in ULLSA-E and ACN (computerized aircraft logbooks), Microsoft Office Suite. Excellent trainer and familiar with Microsoft SQL Server (served as the Database Administrator.)
    • Several Certificates of completion in Leadership, Business Management, Project Management, and Hazardous Material Compliance and Handling, Safety, OSHA10, Performance Evaluation and other Leadership Workshops and Seminars.
    • Extremely logical thinking, strong troubleshooting skills and great problem-solving skills. Work well with ISO AS9100/ 9110 Quality Management System (QMS).
    • Have over 2800+ hours of Non-Rated Crew Member flight time on UH60A/L, HH60M & C23 Sherpa aircraft.
    • Familiar with every aspect of Army Aviation Maintenance to include: Production Control, Quality Control, Supply, Management and Maintenance.

    5. Special Requirements for the Aircraft Mechanic Job Position

    • 18 years old.
    • Able to read, write, speak, and understand English.
    • Have 18 months of practical experience with either power plants or airframes, or 30 months of practical experience working on both at the same time. As an alternative to this experience requirement, you can graduate from an FAA-Approved Aviation Maintenance Technician School.
    • You must pass tests: three written examinations, (General, Powerplant and Airframe), an oral test, a practical test.

    6. License and Certificates You Can Include in Your Resume

    • Airframe power plant certification
    • Commercial Pilot
    • Aircraft maintenance technician
    • A&P license in Aviation
    • ALSE
    • Private Pilot
    • Inspection Authorization
    • CDL Class A
    • OSHA 30
    • RCRA
    • Airframe mechanic certification
    • CFC type 1 & 2

    7. Resume Action Words for Aircraft Mechanic


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