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Sydney Sachs

Human Resources Manager

24 July 2019

Dear Mrs. Sachs,

I would like to express my interest in the position of Analyst in your company.

I’m Analyst with 4+ years of experience, strong quantitative analysis skills, compelling oral and written communication skills, a talent for managing deadlines for multiple projects, and an aptitude for working both independently and collaboratively in a team-based environment.

My experience includes desk support, preparation of the material from a proprietary system for the annual compliance procedures; I executed compliance risk assessment with internal written supervisory procedures which consistent with the rules of FINRA and SEC; monitored AML issues by FINCEN to help verify the identity of clients and provide internal advice.

During my time at iTAN Franchising, Inc. I have increased my overall compensation experience by providing support to a Global Human Resources team in developing reasonable and competitive salaries and compensation packages that can help in retaining skilled employees and acquiring new, long-term talent.

I also managed a two-year initiative to survey 100+ institutions and solicit data and commentary on the decline of international applicants to US-based STEM education programs. Compiled the findings of this survey in a report, which was featured in an article published by a leading science newspaper. The data was used to support advocacy efforts and was referenced in several follow-up op-eds – including one in the New York Times.

Strategically increased the response rate to this survey by 69% through a variety of methods, including personally reaching out to stakeholders and building connections.

I believe my skills and responsive make me an excellent candidate for Analyst job opening in your Company. Thank you for your time.

Best Regards,
Jenny Sale

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