Combination Resume Format

Two of the three most popular resume formats – chronological and functional – have their pros and cons, but when you cannot decide on a clear winner, chances are good that the third most popular choice, combination resumes, are an effective compromise for you. This format balances the best features of the other two by

Functional Resume Format

Your resume’s main job is to emphasize your accomplishments, your talents and your professional history. However, to be really effective, your resume must be formatted for maximum impact. When what you have accomplished over your career is more pertinent than where you have worked, a functional resume format is the ideal vehicle to drive that

Chronological Resume Format

A chronological order resume showcases your professional history to prospective employers in your career field. If you have a consistent work record with no glaring gaps, this is likely the most effective resume format for you. What is a Chronological Resume A chronological resume definition states that this format prioritizes your career achievements. It is

Best Resume Formats

When you submit a resume to prospective employers, make sure that your job history reflects your most positive traits in a format that is accessible and easy to skim. With nearly half of currently employed people actively seeking better-paying jobs, you need a resume that stays at the top of the pile. The following formats

Should I Include a Picture on My Resume

This seemingly simple question has caused numerous arguments between resume writing experts. If you google “Should I put my photo on my resume“, you will find dozens of articles explaining why you shouldn’t ever do this. Surprisingly, every second publication will offer a detailed justification of the opposite. A professional resume is a document where