Job Search

A tiring quest to achieve an overall positive impression on the recruiter has finished at last. You’ve gained an eagerly anticipated prize, a job offer. Now your task is to understand how to answer a job offer to retain an image of a prospective employee. Each phase of communications needs special smarts on how to
Are you wondering how to quit a job you just started? Between a new office culture, new colleagues, and an annoying boss, there are many reasons why you can feel uncomfortable in your new place of work. Sometimes, submitting your resignation letter before the ink on your contract is dry can seem like the only
No matter who you are or what your level of experience might be, seeking employment is always a challenge. The obstacles are multiplied if, for whatever reason, you are looking for work in a more distant location. Applying for jobs out of state may seem daunting, but using forethought and proven strategies can definitely help
You are a private person who has a narrow circle of connections. It’s hard for you to meet new people, and you always think carefully before saying something. It’s also hard for you to make new friends, and you are in a search of work or permanent employment. If at least two of these points