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Karol Malvicino

Tel.: 707-786-9179


1562 Davis Avenue, Ferndale, CA 95536

Dear Mr. Dou,

I am eager to apply for the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) position at your company, and trust I would be a useful part of your private group.

I have two years of medications flood clinic experience and five years of experience working with the geriatric populace in long haul helped living.

I accept that an effective CNA must be merciful, amiable, and versatile to change. I have worked with an assortment of patient kinds during every minute of the day. Besides, keeping up a sound way of life has helped me dodge damage and physical confinements while at work. I have prepared many collaborators on the best possible method for lifting, turning, dressing, and transportation.

As a completely authorized nursing collaborator in the province of Illinois, I adore working with the old. I would respect the chance to talk about your office and the situation face to face. Much obliged to you for your thought.

Yours sincerely,

Karol Malvicino

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