Combination Resume Example for Stay at Home Mom

Combination Resume Example for Stay at Home Mom

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Combination Resume Template for Stay at Home Mom  (Text Format)


Digital Marketing:

  • Supported social media and brand presence across Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest platforms
  • Developed online marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, increased followers by 3,500+ (Instagram) and 1200+ (Facebook)
  • Made high-quality content for Instagram and Facebook (50+ Photos , 12+ Videos , 200+ Texts )
  • Raised sales by 23% during 6 months through Instagram and Facebook channel

Marketing Strategy:

  • 2 times a year made PEST and SWOT analysis Launched 3 new products (total profit $2.23 billion)
  • Raised sales by 12% during 1 year at offline shops
  • Built a competitive advantage strategy which led to 20% increase of sales



College of Entrepreneurship and Management



Honor Rol l

GPA 3.7

Leadership Award



Cox Automotive

May 2016 – June 2017

  • Coordinated sales meetings and trade shows
  • Optimized and improved advertising campaigns and website modifications
  • Measured, analyzed and reported on programs across a variety of metrics and KPI s to inform future strategic campaign execution
  • Executed and optimized audience segmentation for campaigns


Pond & Company

April 2014 – April 2016

  • Supported retail marketing activities and key customer s ’ ideation
  • Analyzed marketing programs and recommend yearly improvement to strategic plans
  • Developed promotional activities to drive sales and build market credibility
  • Supervised all activities related to the brand and private label products in the portfolio


Resume for Stay at Home Mom Tips:

  • Make sure you chose the right format

For a long time, while your children grew, you stayed at home and now, as a result, you have a big gap in your career. Now your kids get older and go to school, so you’re thinking about returning to the workplace. Of course, you have to update your resume. But how to beat so formidable gap in your work experience? Everything is simple. Just choose the correct type of resume. In our situation, it will be a good idea to choose a Combination or Hybrid resume type. A combination resume format emphasizes both skills/ achievements, and recent work history.

  • Focus on your achievements

Write in your resume as detail as possible all your accomplishments in the previous job position. Your main task is to concentrate on the benefit that you can give to your future employer.

  • Emphasize the skills you gained while raising your kids

Keep in mind that you have developed some incredible skills during your time away from the workplace and those skills are in demand in today’s job position. Multitasking, negotiating, budgeting, logistics coordination and project management are only a few of the many activities that you’ll tackle both at home and in the office.

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