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Monica Agrawal

Mobile: +1 605-391-5368

2514 Hartway Street, Rapid City, SD 57702

September 2, 2019

Mr. Bryan Owens

Human Research Manager

Dear Mr. Owens,

I’m seeking work in the software, web development, and data analytics fields, aiming to further developing and improving while gaining professional experience. Your company ranks number one in companies I prefer to join. I admire your mission statement.

I hold an M.Ed. in Technology Engineering Education, and I am one class away from a second M.Ed. in Educational Technology. After my first graduation, I worked as an intern on Temple’s campus for the Temple BITS program, whose goal is to prepare young adults for future job endeavors. During the program, I helped build mobile applications through MIT’s App Inventor. Asides from technical skills, the program strengthened my skills as a group leader and presenter, giving plenty of opportunities to display our work to others. Within this capacity, I also reinforced my ability to demonstrate a set of skills to people who were not familiar with them, in a way that could be easily understood and digested.

Currently, I have 15 years of teaching experience. As a lifelong learner that is devotion to 21-st century classroom dynamics, my instructional academic disciplines include Business Education and Computer. Prior to becoming an educator, I worked in the business field for 20 years and gained valuable knowledge that I integrate into my classroom.

I am a versatile, licensed, SEI endorsed professional teacher. Due to my aptitude in recognizing similarities, desire to learn, and ability to transfer skill sets, I have become known as a ground-up problem solver. In my positions as a teacher, I was hired to design, implement, and run the curricula with no assistance, and no map. My students love my classes and were definitely challenged. No easy feat with today’s kids. 

Assertive and enthusiastic, with a wide range of knowledge, skills, and an unsurpassed work ethic, I love researching and learning. The highly motivating, positive attitude I bring to the workplace every day allows me to connect quickly and develop a respectful rapport with the people I work with;

If you are in the market for a loyal employee with broad-spectrum expertise and insight, who will apply these skills to Instruction, problem-solving, and people, then I am your man.

Monica Agrawal


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