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Chris Grace

Cell: +1 715-205-7885

813 Sycamore Lake Road, New Berlin, WI 53151

Dear Mr. Ross Spanier,

One of my friends, Dexter Hinton, works for your company. He recommends that I contact you about a position as an adjunct professor.

This position for strongly appeals to me because I have taught in community colleges for over twenty years. I value learning opportunities presented by technology, experiential application, and diversity. I teach on-line, and am quite comfortable integrating technology into my lectures. American higher education can expect rapid technology based changes in the next decade and I strive to be prepared for those challenges and opportunities. Clickers, web-based tools for a group project are examples of useful technology in the classroom. Experiential application is an assessment method I consciously utilize to cultivate student learning.  

I also have experience working with a culturally diverse student population. I taught for four years in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia. I have worked in economically depressed areas, with returning adults, and with international State Department scholarship recipients. Respectfully tapping into the cultural diversity within a classroom enhances themes and lectures. I strive to stay current on new scholarship by reading new works and attending workshops. I have also recently attended the workshops Infusing Understanding of Peace and Conflict in the Muslim World into the Curriculum and Continuity, Conflict and Change in Indian Cultures and Societies.  

Perhaps the most important imperative is student centered learning. Professors are obligated to deliver meaningful and engaging learning experiences while also maintaining high standards for student performance. I continue to look for opportunities to promote excellence in myself and my students.

I am very keen to join your team and am available for interview at your convenience. I look forward to hearing from you.

Chris Grace


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