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Paige Worden

Tel: +1 843-598-3608


654 Camden Place, Laurel Bay, SC 29902

Cassidy Hagstrom

Human Resources Manager

20 Broadway Street

Laurel Bay, SC, 29560

10, July 2019

Dear Mr. Hagstrom,

I have pleasure in applying for the advertised position of attorney.

I am a certified law attorney. I never practiced as an attorney, but I have 2 years of experience as a paralegal.

Having finished my education in Law, I have interested in the opportunity to combine my passion for the field of law enforcement with a willingness to help other people.

I have helped to work with clients, done mediation, research, case preparation from intake to trial or settlement.

The most rewarding impacts of my job are helping my clients get past one of the more difficult periods and transitions of their lives, working on parenting plans that benefit the clients’ children, and giving clients the ability to move on. Most recently rewarding was helping a mother escape a physically and emotionally abusive relationship while protecting her children by obtaining a favorable parenting responsibilities order, despite a very unfavorable investigative report from a court-appointed custody evaluator.  

In the criminal realm, it was very rewarding at times to help people move past their mistakes without having their lives and employment upended.

I am a South Carolina native who grew up in Laurel Bay and attended Manual High School. I have a strong interest in sharing my knowledge and expertise in the functioning of government and specifically the contributions of the judicial branch to policy and society.

Thank you for your time and I would appreciate the opportunity to meet and speak with you in person.

Paige Worden

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