Executive Assistant Cover Letter Example

Executive Assistant Cover Letter Sample

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Margaret Dou

Tel.: 707-786-9179


1562 Davis Avenue, Ferndale, CA 95536

Dear Mr. Jackson,

I’m eager to apply for the Executive Assistant position at ResumesBot. Plainly you’re searching for somebody who comprehends the subtleties of dealing with a CEO’s bustling day and can proactively handle issues. As somebody with a sharp eye for detail and a drive to sort out, I flourish with ensuring each day has an unmistakable arrangement and each arrangement is plainly conveyed.

During my past job at ABC, I filled in as the colleague to three of the organization’s five official colleagues, including the CEO. I was adulated for my time the board aptitudes, composing capacities, and duty to magnificence. I was openly perceived at the organization’s yearly gathering for quickly creating and sanctioning emergency courses of action during the storm departure, which enabled our official group to keep on working the same old thing during the emergency.

From my 12 years of experience as an official partner, I comprehend the significance of being proactive. Notwithstanding being a specialist at booking gatherings, getting ready motivation, and overseeing travel courses of action, I’ve likewise built up the capacity to foresee barricades and make powerful elective plans. My most prominent incentive to any official is my capacity to work autonomously, saving their opportunity to concentrate on the requirements of the business.

Thank you for your time and consideration!


Margaret Dou


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