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Police Chief Resume Template (Text Format)


Dedicated and accomplished law enforcement professional with over 19 years of extensive investigative, interviewing, and proactive experience, four of which have been served in a supervisory capacity. Apprehended a criminal wanted for a series of hideous crimes who had managed to camouflage himself as a respectable member of the community. Diffused an extremely volatile case involving a ten-year-old child by employing tact and detaining the perpetrator without letting the child come to any harm.


Chief of Police                                                                                 3/2015 – Present

Bladensburg Police Department

Bladensburg, Maryland

  • Conducting complicated criminal investigations, which involve individuals and property for a department with 78 sworn officers; analyzing crime trends in the city and states and developing a master plan to minimize criminal offenses due to law enforcement program.
  • Established strategies and plans to ensure optimal performance in the oversight of uniform patrols, investigations, traffic community service, DARE, School Resource Officers and K-9 operations.
  • Formulating departmental guidelines, regulations and program priorities to end up being followed by associates of the Police and Communications Departments; preparing reports and references for federal, state, and county agencies, Department of Transportation, and Department of Justice.
  • Projecting the idea of a police vehicle that incorporated law enforcement equipment and emergency service equipment for use in assault and accident situations; developing efficient department programs to decrease violent crime against people and private & public property.
  • Arranged accountability practices, increased and improved departmental resources for a significant part of investigations and streamlined assignments that result to successful part 1 offense case clearance rates of nearly 57%, a one-third increase over prior years.
  • Representing the City and Police Department and conferring with citizen groups and department officials to ensure technical assistance, directly or through subordinate staff as well as preparing and administering of the department’s strategic plan, multi-year budget and annual budget.


Cleveland State University                                                                  1989 – 1994

Master’s Degree

Criminology, Anthropology, and Sociology        


  • Precise knowledge of forensic science, police administration methods and practices, budget planning and forecasting, law enforcement and crime prevention, public safety programs, emergency planning, advanced defensive tactics, firearms and ammunition
  • Excellent public speaking skills along with the ability to manage and encourage staff
  • Calm in emergencies and effective at emergency planning.   
  • Domestic violence prevention and the capability to analyze complex public safety.
  • Expert at criminal investigations as well as ability at crime trend analysis.
  • Strong communication skills along with the conflict resolution and ability to maintain good relations with the community.
  • Excellent computer skills,  tech-savvy with the proficiency in using various software programs to write reports as well as review crime graphs and statistics
  • Capable of maintaining up-to-date knowledge of all city, county and state laws.



Police Chief
National Average

Salary $42,809 – $135,122
Bonus $97.87 – $12,813
Total Pay $39,977 – $130,666

***Data are taken from payscale.com

Good Skills to Include on a Police Chief Resume

  • Conflict Management – understanding the source of conflict, ability to recognize the functional and dysfunctional conflict.
  • Criminal Investigation – good understanding of investigative techniques to handle complaints and incidents sufficiently.
  • Personal Security and Safety – ability to use firearms in emergency situations.
  • Federal, state and local laws – knowledge of standardized federal laws, regulations, methods, procedures, operating techniques; state, and local laws to execute related tasks.
  • Technical Competence – awareness of virtual devices, electronic monitoring system operations, social media platforms.




Unlike a civil resume, government resume contains a wide range of information concerning professional experience, training, certificates and relevant skills. It’s quite important to pay attention to special requirements while applying for a job. 

As a condition of employment at the federal government, a person must meet certain criteria for employment standards:

  • U.S. Citizenship Required
  • Security Clearance (Criminal history check, credit check, background investigation)
  • Polygraph Test Require
  • Fingerprint Check
  • Position Subject to Drug Testing

Resume Action Words for Police Chief

Oversaw Supported Reorganized Conducted
Supervised Founded Experienced Acted
Created Focused Managed Developed
Coordinated Assisted Provided Assumed


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