Resume Examples

Educational credentials and licenses must be front and center. When describing work experience and accomplishments, communicate organizational and analytical skills. Highlight areas of expertise, such as tax accounting or forensic accounting.

Be clear about training and experience with office software. Use examples from work experience that illustrate multitasking and working independently. Describe the responsibilities assigned by previous supervisors. 

It’s important to include practical experience in aircraft maintaining and repairing. Professional certifications, like FAA, and only up-to-date information concerning your work expertise. Tailor your resume by displaying your relevant responsibilities and provide a full range of accomplishments. 

These careers demand a blend of field experience and education. Include degrees or certifications in biology or agronomy and in specialties like viticulture. Under work experience, use strong examples that highlight real-world problem solving.

Work history should emphasize mechanical skills and certifications and knowledge of specific building materials. Management candidates should mention the budgets that they oversaw on building projects. 

Professional language that conveys mastery of business principles is a must. Cite the number of staff managed in previous positions along with budgets. Use solid examples of success that describe surpassing sales targets or recruiting talent. 

Resume language should inject emotional qualities to illustrate a commitment to improving lives. Examples in work history should emphasize organizing heavy caseloads, staying on budget, and promoting the organizational mission. 

Content should communicate an ability to bring clients’ ideas to life. Include feedback from satisfied clients when possible. Mention projects in relation to specific industries and different media. Include a link to an online portfolio. 

Include details about experience with different retail environments and products. Be sure to add awards for customer service when possible. Mention success with team leadership and new store openings.

Credentials and experience matter for these positions. Explain participation in curriculum development and mastery of educational technology. Go into detail about subjects taught and strategies for improving student performance. 

List certifications and skills and draw attention to quality outcomes achieved on the job. Use technical language to display comfort with complex subjects. Highlight the ability to work within a team and accept feedback. 

These hands-on careers require people skills and a competitive spirit. Work history should communicate an enthusiasm for the future, ability to identify new trends, and a desire to inspire people. 

Work experience needs to convey knowledge of food safety and customer service. When applicable, mention mastery of specific cuisines. Make credentials for special skills, like sommelier or hotel management, prominent on the page.

Government work covers many categories. Be sure to address specific areas required in the job position. Don’t hesitate to use multiple pages and express a desire to contribute to the agency’s mission. 

Work history must display a history of successful client interactions and sales figures. Explain the use of online marketing and compliance with regulations as part of work duties.

Content should display rank, certifications, or licensing. Job history needs to communicate an ability to focus under pressure and follow protocols. Include narratives about specific events that resulted in success. 

Focus closely on expertise in legal niches. Display a willingness to check facts, research the law, and develop strategies. Use examples in the work history that illustrate creative problem solving. 

Stay-at-home parents, students, or veterans transitioning to civilian life can overcome gaps in employment with carefully crafted narratives that show their qualities. Emphasize skills developed while caring for others, traveling foreign countries, or participating in school clubs. 

Describe skills related to independent work, trustworthiness, and mechanical certifications. When listing previous jobs, mention facility size, successful repairs, and devotion to safety. 

Develop work histories so that they illustrate working in a team, following directions, and meeting deadlines. Display prominently special certifications, like forklift driver, first aid knowledge, or robotic repair. 

Resumes for these positions must literally sell the job candidate. Use a combination of facts and figures from previous successes injected with emotional language to create excitement. 

For work histories that fall outside of common categories, the resume should show off unique experiences and adaptability. Showcase experience that proves trustworthiness and outside-the-box thinking. 

These resumes must provide information about commercial driver’s licenses and excellent computer skills. Include specific details about navigation programs or inventory tracking programs used on the job.