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Social Services Worker Cover Letter Sample

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Rebecca Moreland

Cell: +1 408-845-8967


3326 Black Oak Hollow Road, Santa Clara, CA 95054

Human Resource Manager

Mr. Kevin Milton

September 22, 2019

Dear Mr. Milton,

I would like to apply for the position of Social Services Worker within your organization for utilize my bachelor’s degree in psychology, grow professionally and personally and feel that I am bettering the world around me.

Before I finished my degree I did medical records, customer service at Health Care Center for about 12 years. I want to find a position that allows me to help the families and children that are struggling to understand the court issues and problems they encounter in the process hopefully reunification, or what the best need of the child and their permanency and stability. I think that this would be a position that I could feel good about helping instead of being on the other side. I have a strong will, determination, and desire to see that children and families are treated fairly. I would love to have an opportunity to sit down and speak about this position. I also can provide character and professional references upon request.

As a Social Work Practicum Intern I Completed 450 hours in a supervised setting in order to be presented opportunities to further integrate all educational facets, for a beginning level of generalist social work practice, with an emphasis on rural populations, with systems of all sizes to promote, maintain and/or restore a mutually beneficial interaction between individuals and society. In addition, I developed competence in and integrated the social work knowledge base, values and principles, skills, theoretical perspectives, personal characteristics, and critical thinking for culturally competent, value-driven generalist social work practice.

I’m adept at managing multiple projects simultaneously while maintaining composure and a sense of humor. I am a very active listener with strong interpersonal skills.

I am very keen to join your team and am available for interview at your convenience.

Yours faithfully,
Rebecca Moreland

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