Veterinary Assistant Resume: Example and Tips

Veterinary Assistant Resume Sample

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A responsible, motivated, and educated veterinary assistant with 2+ years of experience providing support to veterinarians of private practices in medical and surgical procedures.



Veterinary Assistant Program



Veterinary Assistant Program; Bel Air MD


  • Pipe system layout configuration
  • Empathy
  • Passion for Animals
  • Attention to detail
  • Customer and Personal Service
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Cooperation
  • Analytical Thinking
  • Adaptability/Flexibility
  • Self Control
  • Dependability
  • Assist in emergency first aid
  • Sanitize examining rooms and surface areas
  • Administer medications
  • Provide care for animals after procedures
  • Assist vet and vet technicians with surgical procedures
  • Perform administrative duties such as updating files and processing payments



Cedar Lane Animal Clinic | 2019 – 2020

  • Operated and maintained medical equipment
  • Maintained hospital and patient cleanliness using aseptic technique, proper protective equipment, and isolation protocol
  • Assisted doctors and technicians in the rooms for exams
  • Set up and performed radiographs, both dental and full body
  • Provided client communication


Smith Veterinary Hospital | 2018 – 2019

  • Provided compassionate and diplomatic client service
  • Answered the telephone and scheduling appointments
  • Cleaned and disinfected cages, kennels, and examining and operating rooms
  • Monitored and cared for animals after surgery
  • Maintained and sterilize surgical instruments and equipment
  • Helped maintain the flow of patients
  • Changed animal bandages, bedding, and kennel materials
  • Cared for animals by bathing, feeding, watering, and exercising
  • Educated owners about animal health, conditions, and proper care

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Average Salary for Veterinary Assistant Job

Veterinary Assistant
National Average

Base Salary
$20k – $62k
Bonus$99 – $1k
Profit Sharing
$194 – $5k
Commission$0 – $1k
Total Pay
$21k – $36k

***Data are taken from


7 Tips How to Write a Resume for Veterinary Assistant Job

Veterinary assistants care for pets under the supervision of a veterinarian or veterinary expert. They’re responsible for feeding, bathing, and exercising the animals, and they curb them during examinations and treatment. To get the job of your dream you need an eye-catchable resume. A most important document in your life it’s your resume. It will affect the jobs that you actually are offered, it will affect the income that you receive. It will affect your ability to purchase a home or car and live the American dream. So let`s figure out how to write a hirable resume. So here is our plan, 6 steps for achieving the goal:

  1. How to write the best resume objective for veterinary assistant
  2. What Licenses and Certificates add to resume
  3. What are the most relevant veterinary assistant skills
  4. Basic veterinary assistant job duties and responsibilities
  5. Veterinary assistant job description
  6. How to write a veterinary assistant cover letter
  7. List of resume action words for Veterinary Assistant

1. How To Write Resume Objective For Veterinary Assistant

A resume objective statement is an opportunity to beef up your message and to draw the attention of your prospective employers. However, there are 3 cases when including an objective is MUST HAVE:

  • If you moved to a new city (country)
  • If you made a career change
  • If you are without any experience
The space on a resume is valuable, and in that capacity, each area should pack a punch, enlightening businesses something new and significant regarding you. Your profession goal is maybe much increasingly significant, as it sits on all other data, and it is the principal thing bosses are probably going to peruse. Making it short but captivating will force managers to discover what the remainder of your resume brings to the table. We advise making it close to five lines.

Examples Of Veterinary Assistant Resume Objective:

Do Looking for a veterinarian assistant position with “Love My Pet” Company to support, assists in the treatment of pets, ensure their safety with my selfless character and keen on pets.
Don’t Seeking a Veterinary Assistant position, which will require me to expand my practical experience while providing quality health care to pets.

2. What Licenses And Certificates Add To Resume

First of all, it’s important to know that whatever you’re going to list in your Certification or License section, it must be relevant to the veterinary assistant position. Veterinary assistant certification and Licenses demonstrate a passion for the field as well as give evidence to HR of your specific expertise and skills.

An expert accreditation is a verification that you have the learning and aptitudes to accomplish something. To get that verification, an individual regularly needs to breeze through an assessment or course.

The expert to concede accreditations has a place with outsiders. These incorporate associations like colleges or industry social orders.

Examples of Veterinary Assistant Resume Certificates:

veterinary assistant certificate

veterinary assistant license

3. What Are The Most Relevant Veterinary Assistant Skills

The skills section of your resume indicates HRs that you have the capacities required to prevail in the job. Regularly, bosses look to the skills to figure out who should proceed onward to the subsequent stage of the employing procedure.

Good Skills to Include on a Veterinary Assistant Resume:

  • Properly restrain animals when assisting the veterinarian with cephalic and saphenous venous sampling.
  • Properly muzzle fractious animals.
  • Handle and hold animals so as to generally avoid bites to themselves and to attending veterinarian.
  • Demonstrate (or describe) the proper method of moving cattle and horses through chutes and into or out of stalls.
  • Recognize and avoid potential safety hazards in the examination room or area.
  • Handle animals in the examination room or area so as to prevent harm to patients and humans.
  • Carefully observe patients and surroundings and reports observations to the attending veterinarian.
  • Handle and use disposable “sharps” containers in a safe manner.
  • Follow OSHA guidelines in collecting and disposing of bio-hazardous materials.

4. Basic Veterinary Assistant Job Duties And Responsibilities

Veterinary Assistant with dog

While veterinary experts perform assignments, for example, directing medicine and planning creatures for a medical procedure, veterinary assistant duties are filled an alternate yet similarly imperative job in the veterinarian’s office. They bolster creature specialists and professionals in their day-by-day errands by cleaning and looking after gear, nourishing, practicing and prepping patients, getting ready and purifying medical procedure suites, controlling and taking care of patients, and administrative and managerial work.

Examples Of Veterinary Assistant Responsibilities:

  • Performing laboratory work and diagnostic imaging
  • Maintaining medical records
  • Preparing surgical suite and surgical patients
  • Providing compassionate care and a home away from home for boarded and hospitalized pets

5. Veterinary Assistant Job Description

Veterinary Assistant job description for resume is a set of working responsibilities abridges the fundamental obligations, exercises, capabilities and aptitudes for a job. Additionally, know as a JD, this record portrays the sort of work performed. A set of working responsibilities ought to incorporate significant organization subtleties — organization mission, culture and any advantages it gives to representatives. It might likewise determine to whom the position reports and pay extend. A viable set of working responsibilities will give enough detail to contender to decide whether they’re equipped for the position.

6. How To Write a Cover Letter For Veterinary Assistant

A cover letter should supplement, not copy, your resume. Its goal is to make additional value and add an individual touch to resume. A cover letter is regularly your most punctual composed contact with a potential boss, making a basic first impression. Something that may appear to be a little mistake, similar to an error, can get your application quickly knocked off the rundown. Then again, regardless of whether your introductory letter is sans blunder and superbly composed, in the event that it is nonexclusive (and makes no reference to the organization, or to a point of interest part of the set of working responsibilities) it is additionally prone to be dismissed by HR.

The compelling veterinary assistant cover letter clarifies the explanations behind your enthusiasm for the particular association and recognizes your most pertinent aptitudes or encounters. Decide importance via cautiously perusing the expected set of responsibilities, assessing the aptitudes required and coordinating them to your very own abilities.

To be 100% prepared for getting a new job check our Veterinary Cover Letter Example

Examples Of Veterinary Assistant Cover Letters:

Veterinary Assistant cover letter sample

Veterinary Assistant cover letter example

7. List Of Resume Action Words For Veterinary Assistant

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